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You Get The Winter Advantage When You Sell Your House Now


sell woodbridge home fast in winterYou will have significant advantages selling your house in winter.  

The winter advantage means fewer houses on the market.  Meanwhile, there are plenty of motivated buyers in the market.  

Some folks are buying because they made a resolution in January to buy a home this year, and the year is drawing to a close.  Others will make a resolution to buy a house in 2015, and get started after January 1, 2015.

Transferees are still in the market for homes.

Meanwhile, some of your competition will take their houses off the market during the holidays, giving you less competition from other houses.

December and January are busier times to sell a house than most folks think.  

When is the slowest month of the year to sell a house?  August.  The spring market buyers are moving into their new homes, and lots of folks take their vacation in August.

Consider the following:

Additional Quick Pointers For Selling in The Winter

  1. Hang a festive wreath on your front door that enhances your exterior's curb appeal.  A wreath is a sign of welcome to folks who are shopping for a house.
  2. Have a fun and welcoming holiday mat at your front door.  One more sign of welcome to buyers who want to find a place to call home.  Plus, a mat helps keep your foyer clean.  You can also post a sign in the foyer asking visitors to remove their shoes when touring your house to keep mud and dirt off the carpet.  You'll show pride of ownership.  You can also get shoe slippers at Home Depot or Lowes for folks to slip over their shoes.
  3. Make sure the walk is sanded on days of ice and snow.  Remember, if a visitor slips and falls on your property, you could be liable for damages.  Nothing like a lawsuit to put a damper on your holiday cheer.
  4. If you have a porch enhance it with garland and lights.  Really play up the warmth of the holiday season.  Help the buyers picture themselves in your house for the holidays.
  5. Have Christmas or holiday music playing in the background during showings.  Create a relaxing medley of music for visitors.
  6. Keep all shades and blinds drawn for maximum sunlight while showings are taking place during the day.  Don't just open the mini-blinds... draw them up so they don't cover the windows.  Your house will appear larger inside when you have lots of daylight streaming into your house.
  7. Have lights on in every room of the house.  When builders decorate model homes, they calculate the number of lamps needed by acheiving 7 watts of light per square foot.  Bright houses appear warm and large to buyers. 
  8. Emphasize local winter time attractions in marketing material such as a great area for skiing or a popular lake/trails for snowmobiling.  If a holiday parade is coming, create a quick brochure on your computer and leave a print-out on the dining room table, or the kitchen counter.
  9. Leave cookies, hot chocolate or for buyers when the temperature really drops.  Remember, when buyers arrive to see your house, that is your cue to LEAVE THE HOUSE.  Get out.  Give them space and privacy to take in your house, and have candid conversation with their Realtor.  Go for a walk.  Drive to the store.  Do anything that gets you out of the house.  If you must stay in the house, DO NOT PLAY TOUR GUIDE.  Nothing is more annoying than having the seller give the buyers a guided tour of your house.

sell house in woodbridge virginiaWhen you choose Erick Blackwelder to sell your house during the holidays, you get a 24-year veteran of selling lots of homes by taking charge of the winter advantage.

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