Real Estate News About Woodbridge, Mount Vernon, and Lorton Virginia: Real Estate News About Homes For Sale In Woodbridge VA Shows New Homes A Good Buy But Beware

Real Estate News About Homes For Sale In Woodbridge VA Shows New Homes A Good Buy But Beware

Real Estate News For Woodbridge VA

New Home Builders Offering Best Value Among Homes For Sale In Woodbridge VA

Beware: Never Buy A New Home Alone

You Are Entitled To Have A Buyer Agent Working For You When You Buy A New Home Around Woodbridge

84% Of New Home Have A Buyer Agent Negotiate, Advocate, On Behalf Of Home Buyers

Your Buyer Representation Is FREE To You    The Builder Pays Your Buyer Agent Fee

Did you know that, unlike fish, sharks do not have muscles to push water through their gills for the vital oxygen they need to stay alive?

Sharks are in constant motion, mouths wide open to push water from their mouths through their gills to stay alive.

Like sharks, home builders must keep moving forward, keep on building and selling houses that generate cash-flow to stay viable.

Northern Virginia home builders attract buyers away from the resale market by reducing prices, undercutting the resale market by giving you more home, with more features, for less money.

However, that super-low "Starting Price" can skyrocket if you buy a new home alone.  Home builders have ten (10) profit-centers they use to get more money out of you between contract and closing.

I'm one of the guys who is hired to teach advanced selling skills to new home on-site Sales Managers you find in model home sales offices. 

I've been a highly sought-after Sales Trainer for home builders and vairous other companies since 1985.

As a practicing Realtor, I also help nice folks like you buy new homes, getting the most home, at the lowest prices, with the fewest hassles.

When you get me working as you Buyer Agent, to buy a new home from a builder, you get the insider secrets about the ten (10) profit centers builders use get the most money out of you.

No, I do not teach seminars for any builder that even THINKS about asking me to sign a non-disclosure statement that takes away my power to help you.

Together, we can use my inside information to help you get the most house for your money.

You get me as an enthusiastic negotiator for you, to be your advocate, and your protector. 

History Lesson: In the Go-Go days, 2000-2005, new homes sold at premium prices because resale homes were scarce.

As the prices of homes fell 2005-2008, builders began systematically undercutting the prices of resale homes as prices fell, giving buyers incentives to buy new homes.

For example, a new homes community around Woodbridge that was selling homes in 2005 for $550,000 - $650,000 base prices, is now selling the exact same homes, with same blueprints, same number of sticks-and-bricks, with base prices $399,000 - $450,000.

I was waiting to check-out at the Wal-Mart just down the street when I overheard a whiny lady with an annoying attitude tell her friend, "My builder soaked me for $200,000 extra profit with we bought in 2004. That @#%* builder sells my exact same home I paid $650,000 for in 2004 for just $450,000 now.  The builder ripped us all off for obscene profits."


That's not the case.

Builders typically earn a gross profit of 7% on each house sold.  The net profit after paying operating expenses is mighty slim.

So how did the builder lower the base prices $200,000?

The land developer lowered the price of ready-to-build building lots $200,000 to keep the builders from leaving.

In our area, builders DO NOT develop land into ready building lots.  Land development companies specialize in buying land, zoning changes, designing streets, lots and common area, gain County approval, clear the land, dig trenches for storm drains, electric lines, sewer lines, water lines, phone lines, run curb and gutters to define streets, then pave those streets, thus creating finished building lots for home builders.

In 2004, a finished, 1/5 acre building lot around Woodbridge in a planned community sold to the builders for $250,000 - $300,000.  Builders building homes in the $400,000-$500,000 often paid more for the land than the cost of constructing a finished home.

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