Real Estate News About Woodbridge, Mount Vernon, and Lorton Virginia: Are Wealthy West Virginians Ruining Your Home Sale?

Are Wealthy West Virginians Ruining Your Home Sale?

Are wealthy West Virginians ruining your home sale?

Woodbridge Virginia homes for saleFirst, how can you tell the difference between a poor West Virginian and a wealthy West Virginian?

A poor West Virginian will have a beat up old hulk of a car jacked up on blocks in front of his house.







houses for sale in Woodbridge VirginiaA wealthy West Virginian will have eleven old hulks of rusting cars all over his yard.  Oh, and they don't call them old cars... they call them guest quarters.  ("We're gonna put Grandma in the Buick when she comes for Thanksgiving.  She likes that big, comfy back seat.")





Once upon a time, I was listing a lovely home on a quiet street that backed to trees.  The house had gorgeous curb appeal.  It was perfect inside and out.

Woodbridge Virginia real estate newsThe day after the FOR SALE sign went up, the next door neighbor had his thirty foot long Sea Ray cabin cruiser trailered to his house, and put up on blocks in the side yard, next to my listing.

My clients freaked.  

They didn't socialize with the neighbor much because he was an obnoxious blow-hard red neck who worked on cars in his driveway, drank beer, smoked smelly cigars, and cussed a lot.  He was constantly getting into noisy fights with his wife.  

Normally, we would have turned the matter over to the home owners association (HOA), but the neighborhood doesn't have an HOA.

So I called the county office to find out if there are county covenants that prohibited boats on blocks.  A county inspector came out, and said the boat could stay because it was on blocks, not on a trailer.  Say what???

So I huddled up with my clients to explore our options.  It was then that I suggested having a conversation with the guy next door.  My clients looked concerned.  I said I would go talk to the fellow.

I approached the neighbor with a lump in my throat, and an easy exit plan.

I explained how the boat in the yard might slow down the sale of my client's house, and lower the value of their home.  I asked if the boat could be stored elsewhere.

The neighor said he was storing the boat at his house because he would have to pay $300 per month to store it at the boat yard.  So I asked if he would store the boat at the boat yard if my client paid his storage fees for the winter.  He said yes.  He couldn't have been nicer.  He didn't want to bring down house values in his neighborhood.

He slipped his trailer under the boat the next day, and towed it to the boat yard with a check for $1,500 from my clinets in hand to pay for winter storage.

What's the lesson I learned?  I learned that a pleasant conversation can often be better than HOA rules or county covenants.

My clients received two offers a week after the boat was removed.  Both offers were over the list price, so the sellers got a good return on the $1,500 storage fees they paid for the boat.

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